Our platform has been getting GDPR compliant since it came in force. We are to announce that tag parameters must pass consent verification in accordance with IAB Digital Advertising Presentation.

The general process on SSP platform side aims to store and render the fact of EU user consent and intend to provide bid request extensions in case of positive scenario. Tag parameters supported within GDPR:

Parameter Type Description
gdpr Number The parameter states the fact of GDPR compliance of the source. This is a static parameter enabled by GDPR checkbox in Inventory tab. If it is switched on, the server is validating the consent in gdpr_consent string. If the parameter gdpr is not present or the value is not valid the server will check the GDPR compliance nevertheless. The server will do a lookup of the users IP address to see if user is from EU or not.
gdpr_consent String This parameter passes encoded IAB user consent string. The string makes sure that user has given the consent.
 If gdpr param is in place (gdpr=1), the server checks gdpr_consent parameter for the consent presence. Depending on that SSP renders 0 (if no consent) or 1 (if consent is received) in bid requests.

The first thing to announce GDPR compliance is switching on GDPR when creating inventory.

Inventory GDPR

User consent can be passed in two ways:

  • Getting gdpr_consent field in API and SDK requests.
  • Getting the consent of the site user for Web inventory.

Note for iOS app owners

Note for Android app owners

Note for Web inventory owners

When the Inventory is created and approved the platform will generate the link for user consent storage. It will contain the filled in macros and should be dropped into the script eliciting user consent on the site.

Inventory GDPR

The basic link with macros looks like as follows:


${CONSENT} - the values ALL or NO;
${INVENTORY_ID} - ID of the site sending the request for consent storage with macro's

Note for API partners